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NORTH CARROLLTON – J.Z. George High School hosted Yazoo County Friday night for the Jaguars’ final game of the year. The Jaguars, hoping to give the fans a win in their final home game, came up short falling to the Yazoo County Panthers 49-6.

Contestants in the costume contest at Carroll Academy’s Fall Fest pose together.

The Carroll County bridge crew is reassembling a bridge on County Road 70 that was closed recently due to disrepair.  This bridge is one of several bridges closed until repairs can be made.

Players, coaches, and cheerleaders from both Carroll Academy and Winona Christian School joined together after Friday night’s game for a prayer for Jacob Randall, a Carroll Academy senior and football player who was killed last week in a car acci

WINONA – Just days from burying their friend, Jacob Randall, the Carroll Academy Rebels and the Winona Christian School Stars came together not just for their annual rivalry game, but as a community supporting one another in grief.

The Conservative


Ridiculous math from tax-cut plan


Any politician who has ever proposed a tax cut has exaggerated just how much good it would do, especially for those who are not the direct beneficiaries of the proposal.

Veterans group is doing good work in Carroll


When talking to Carroll County Deputy Sheriff Johnny Marlow, it doesn't take long to discover his dedication to helping veterans in this area. Marlow, a 42-year military veteran of multiple wars, expressed how Carroll County can take the lead in helping veterans get the benefits they are entitled to.

Welcome. y'all!

The Carrollton Pilgrimage and Pioneer Day drew hundreds to the historic town for last weekend’s festivities.  Tourists from as far as Maryland visited Carrollton’s historic homes Friday and Saturday.  Above: Mary Jordan Milton and Emmylou Hays host at the Bingham House during Carrollton’s annual pilgrimage.  

How do you eat your pizza?


In the movie, “Despicable Me” (which is one of my favorites), the girls ask Gru if they can have pizza for supper with “stuffed crust” and everyone dreamily says “stuffed crust.” That’s how my husband, Pepper, feels about pizza, and so does Tracie Cunningham. She said she is a “huge crust fan!”